Dark Monday

Montag, 07.03.2022
Einlass 19:00 Uhr
Beginn 20:00 Uhr
VVK 6 € zzgl. Gebühren
AK 8 €

PaperMoon SwingCombo – Live in Concert

What’s Swing? Music that gets you moving, tapping, hopping, dancing. It worked for your great grandparents. Syncopation, ragtime, blues, jazz, merges into groove, whatever you call it, it’s alive.

Papermoon SwingCombo is a happy-go-lucky pile of musicians based in Stuttgart. Tiffany Estrada (Los Angeles) is just “some lady” who got fed up with the quiet and jumped onto the stage ready to sing and dance. Thank goodness Neat theater was there to offer a stage where professionals and hobbyists mix! There she met Neat-Theater-Stamm-Musiker Michael Hecht on guitar and through happy accident introduced seasoned world traveled jazz musician Gene Clarke (North Carolina/Paris) with his trusty trumpet. This paved the way for the inclusion of a number of local professional talents. Andy Reichel (Pfalz) on Saxophone. Andrey Tartarinets on Bass (Moscow), Frank Eisele (Down the street) on accordion. Good men you see on stages all over town. Other local personalities will spontaneously join, so the line-up can always be a surprise, even for PaperMoon. But the more the merrier because PaperMoon SwingCombo is there for the party!